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The VISUALAB is a teaching and research computing laboratory facility at the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering at San Diego State University, California. The lab specializes in hydraulic and hydrologic engineering applications, and develops world-class online software using standard protocols such as HTML, CSS, and PHP. The lab features a collection of three-hundred and seventy-two (372) scripts for a variety of applications, including steady and unsteady flow, gradually varied and rapidly varied flow, evapotranspiration, flood routing, sediment transport, channel design, water quality, and other applications. The lab features a collection of four-hundred and twelve (412) online videos for a variety of applications. The Vlab's computer hardware include: one (1) Supermicro RM110 Mercury 1U Linux data server (ton), one (1) Supermicro RM110 Mercury 1U Linux data server (uon), one (1) Supermicro RM108 Mercury 1U Linux data server (xon), one (1) ORACLE Sparc Solaris data server (pon), one (1) Hewlett-Packard RedHat Linux media server (ion), eight (8) Apple iMac 27" development workstations, and one (1) Hewlett-Packard Windows 10 workstation.

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1. List of equipment for video production in the Visualab
2. iMac in the Visualab
3. How to stream videos in the Visualab
4. What have we learned from streaming videos in the Visualab
5. Steps in the development of a webvideo
6. Instructions to develop a webvideo
7. Media serving in the Visualab
8. Before Lights Camera Action
9. How to create swf files in Flash
10. How to drop videos into FCP
11. How to create psd images in PS
12. How to change bgcolor in PS
13. How to run the Ikan teleprompter
14. How to convert VHS to DVD
15. The Visualab's First Circle
16. Components of a Visualab video

  • The Visualab  features:

    • two Mercury RM110 1U data servers running Ubuntu Linux

    • one Mercury RM108 1U data server running CentOS7 Linux

    • one Oracle Sun T4-1 data server running Solaris 11

    • one Hewlett-Packard media server running Red Hat Linux

    • eight Apple iMac applications development workstations running Mac OS X Mojave 10.14.0

    • one Sony VAIO laptop running Windows 8

    • one Hewlett-Packard Elite workstation running Windows 10

  • The lab is used for teaching and research applications in online hydraulic and hydrologic engineering at San Diego State University's Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering.

  • The following software is available:

    • ADOBE Creative Cloud CC 2018:   Adobe Creative Cloud.

    • ArcGIS 10.4:   ESRI's Geographic Information System (GIS).

    • AutoCAD 2015:   Computer-aided design software.

    • CSS:    Cascade Style Sheets for web-based applications.

    • FINAL CUT PRO X 10.4.0 :   To develop specialized webvideo applications.

    • FORTRAN 77:   Structured language compiler (FORmula TRANslation).

    • FORTRAN 90:   Structured language compiler (FORmula TRANslation).

    • HEC-HMS 4.3:   U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Hydrologic Modeling System.

    • HEC-RAS 5.0:   U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' River Analysis System.

    • HTML:   Hyper-text Media Language.

    • JAVASCRIPT:   For dynamic web applications.

    • MySQL:   Structured Query Language for database applications.

    • ONLINECALC.SDSU.EDU   Online hydrologic and hydraulic software.

    • PHP 5:   Scripting language to develop dynamic web content.

    • SSH:    To Secure the SHell of a remote workstation or server.

Aleksandr Gostomelskiy

Dr. Victor M. Ponce with Aleksandr Gostomelskiy, SDSU civil enginering M.S. graduate (2014), recipient of the Amazon.com Gift Certificate for being the No. 200,000 visitor of ponce.sdsu.edu, on 20150519 22:50.

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Juan Villasenor

Dr. Victor M. Ponce with Juan Villaseñor, SDSU civil enginering senior, recipient of the Amazon.com Gift Certificate for being the No. 100,000 visitor of ponce.sdsu.edu, on 20100426 23:45.

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